Thank you to those who sent me questions for me to answer. It took a bit of time to answer some of these questions they weren’t easy (emotionally). All my answers are my own and I do not speak for other adoptees.

Q: Do you remember finding out that you were adopted?

A: My parents talked about it ever since I was little by showing me home videos and pictures of me.

Q: What is your adoptive family like?

A: My adoptive family is very loving and have always been supportive of me with everything I do since day one.

Q: Have you ever decided to track down your birth parents?

A: I have thought about it many times. I actually have spoken to Xixi who is a private birth family searcher in China. I have been emailing her back and forth about the whole process/details. I haven’t moved forward with it yet. It’s a lot of information I would need to gather and quite a bit of money for the search. There are many mixed emotions involved too with looking for them and many what-ifs. It’s not on the top of my to-do-list right now to track them but maybe one day.

Q: Could you imagine either ever giving up a child for adoption or adopting one.

A: No, honestly that would cause me too much pain to give up a child for adoption. I do see myself adopting a child but it would be an emotional process.

Q: Ever thought about going back to your original birth place?

A: Many times!

Q: How has being an adoptee impacted how you see your life?

A: Being an adoptee has impacted me the way I see life as each day is a new day. A new day to try new things and that you should be forever grateful for all that you have. Also to be open into meeting all different types of people who are out there who have different stories and that everyone has a voice.

Q: What’s the most difficult wonder that goes through your mind each day as an adoptee?

A: Will I ever be good enough for someone and why did my birth parents give me up + do they still think about me?

Q: Has anyone from your biological parents family know of you and contacted you?

A: Not that I know of, and no.

Q: Do you ever think of how different your life would be if never adopted?

A: Yes, I don’t like to think about it alot but I don’t want to avoid it either. Like I said earlier I am forever beyond blessed with what/who I have in my life. I am sure it’d be very different and I wouldn’t be as lucky as I am to have what I am given right now such as a good education, health care, and a job. I know if I was still in China right now I’d mostly be working in an orphanage. I don’t take life for granted at all. I am truly blessed for everything. ❤️

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