Connecting With Other Adoptees.

Having a connection with other adoptees has always been a huge part of my life. As I mentioned earlier in one of my previous posts it all started when I was young. My parents wanted to connect with other parents who were also on an adoption journey so when they went to adopt me, they decided to stay in touch with those who were in the same adoption group as I was. From coming together at the end of every summer for a few days (which meant going to different states) from when we were one years old to about the end of high school to staying in touch through Christmas cards, we did it all. The three days we’d spend together would fly by so fast that when time was over I would be sad, but I couldn’t wait till the next year. I think the best part of my adoption group for me is that we all became so close throughout those years – all girls and even the parents. We all felt like a huge family, I saw the girls as my “sisters” and their parents like another set of parents, they cared so much about me and the other girls so I felt surrounded by unconditional love. As we got older we don’t meet every summer like we used to but we still keep in touch through social media. As I’ve gotten older I have reached out to more Chinese Adoptees like myself from all over the U.S. and have formed some close friendships. At first I was scared to reach out and say “hi” but I have met some of the most amazing sweet people by making the first move. All it takes is a simple “hi” to start years of friendship with someone. Connecting with people hasn’t always been easy for me, but connecting with someone who you share something so big with is everything and I mean it. You just instantly click and it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Just discussing our stories and what we have in common has made me felt so accepted. I have never really opened up fully about my adoption to anyone besides a few close friends. As time went by I opened up more to people about my journey. To my fellow adoptees out there reading this, don’t be afraid to share your story because you do have a voice and you are loved by many ❤️. I also want to say to those adoptees who I’ve encountered along the way and connected with, thank you for coming into my life whether it was a simple “hi” or a long deep conversation with me, you all touched my heart in a different way and I am forever blessed to have you by my side along the way. Never give up. We are in this together till the end.

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