Gotcha Day

In my family we celebrate an extra holiday every year. We call it my “Gotcha Day” because on Septemeber 1st, 1997 I met my parents for the first time. That day is the day we became a family. On this day I take a little bit of time to reflect on my adoption and the whole journey I’ve been through from the very beginning up to where I am now. My parents retell the story of the day they met me like it was yesterday. Tears typically run down my face and I feel many different emotions at once but then I remember the amazing outcome all of this had. I am forever grateful for all people who’ve I come across in my lifetime and all the incredible experiences I’ve had. Even though this day can be a bit sad I always remind myself; a loss for one family that gave me life and hope but a gain for the other one who gave me happiness and a forever home.

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